The Evolution and Future of Pulsed Power

Pulsed power is a technology that allows energy storage over an extended period followed by a much shorter, concentrated release of the energy. 

The technology delivers a pulse of energy that carries a significant amount of power to a target or recipient. Pulsed-power technology releases energy in a way that allows it to deliver substantial results from a relatively small amount of power. It can also have a distinct impact on certain materials, causing reactions that open up new fields of study relating to the technology and its interactions. 

As pulsed power evolves, the technology becomes less limited. Various industries and sectors rely on pulsed power, and the technology is emerging as a solution in several developing instrumentations.

Meeting the Limitations of Pulsed Power

Pulsed-power technology exists mostly in laboratory environments due to its limitations, which include the following:

  • Safety considerations
  • Electromagnetic interference
  • Cost constraints
  • Limited scalability

Pulsed-power equipment is complicated and expensive, but recent advances in technology are making it more flexible and affordable. The technology demonstrates significant potential to revolutionize industries as it evolves.

An Evolution of Pulsed Power Technologies

Pulsed-power technology is evolving rapidly with diverse applications and uses in the changing landscape of applied physics. The technology is used in agriculture, plasma diagnostics and medicine, defense, materials, and energy sectors. Various devices depend on high-power electromagnetic pulse sources, including neutron pulses, lasers, microwaves, electron beams, and fusion technology.

Pulsed-power technology is a solution for sterilization, food processing, water treatment, waste purification, and surface treatment applications. Development focuses on addressing longevity in industrial applications, reliability, size, consistent power, and frequency repetition challenges while delivering higher power using refined devices.

The Potential of Pulsed Power: Looking to the Future

Pulsed power has the potential to disrupt a wide range of fields and make an impact on the world as a whole. Pulsed-power systems are improving in efficiency and becoming available for researchers in various fields of study. It is being researched as a potential solution for medical procedures, such as less energy-intensive X-ray machines, and as a more efficient means of water purification.

For example, researchers worldwide are studying pulsed power supply as a water purification solution. Using electric fields generated by pulsed power, scientists can develop systems to eliminate harmful viruses and bacteria, including those that resist antibiotics. The technology could revolutionize the creation of clean drinking water while consuming less energy.

Pulsed Power Systems From Stangenes

While pulsed power was once limited to laboratory environments, advances are reducing the limitations of complexity and cost of the equipment. 

Lower cost and complexity equipment have paved the way for developments in the technology, making it a more accessible solution for industries like agriculture, defense, and medicine. Scientists and engineers are working on pulsed power solutions for water purification, sterilization, and food processing applications. The technology is also improving in power, consistency, repetition, and overall device improvement. Pulsed power is disrupting industries as a potential solution to many issues, such as drinking water availability worldwide.

At Stangenes, we deliver pulsed power solutions to various industries. We strive to be a leader in pulsed power, leveraging our high voltage pulsed modulators and developing our parallel boost network to compensate for droop in long pulse applications. 

Stangenes offers several modulator combinations and configurations. Our Marx modulators come with dynamically adjustable pulse amplitudes, widths, and repetition rates. We offer flexible systems using a solid-state Marx design that works with or without a coupled pulse transformer. Stangenes’ high-voltage pulse modulators optimize pulse power application with their high-precision control. 

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