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How to Prevent Voltage Droop

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Voltage droop in modulators can affect critical equipment such as particle accelerators and linear accelerators. The droop can happen within microseconds, potentially disrupting equipment operation. Here, we’ll explore voltage droop in more detail, why and when it occurs, and the causes of voltage droop to help you understand and prevent the effects of this phenomenon. […]

Understanding the Role of Power Supplies in RF Systems

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RF energy sources generate high-frequency electromagnetic fields. Though they’re commonly used in communications applications, RF power supply systems can power a wide range of applications through both transformer and transformerless options.  These high-frequency electromagnetic fields resonate inside cavities to generate specific signals, frequencies, and secondary fields. In particle accelerators, for example, RF cavities can accelerate […]

What Is a Capacitive Voltage Divider?

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A voltage divider is a type of passive linear circuit generating an output voltage that is a fraction of the input voltage. It’s possible to create these circuits using fixed-value resistors or reactive components.  The Stangenes offering of capacitive voltage dividers are specially created for diagnostic and monitoring applications, also commonly referred to as voltage […]

How Is A Current Transformer (CT) Used In Metering?

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Metering processes rely on having accurate insight into energy consumption across the grid. Energy providers need to know how much energy every attached residence, commercial property, or even individual portion of the grid is using to best keep up with demand and provide consistent service.  Current transformers (CTs) provide this invaluable function with options like […]

The Evolution and Future of Pulsed Power

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Pulsed power is a technology that allows energy storage over an extended period followed by a much shorter, concentrated release of the energy.  The technology delivers a pulse of energy that carries a significant amount of power to a target or recipient. Pulsed-power technology releases energy in a way that allows it to deliver substantial […]

Why Choose Solid State Technology?

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Solid-state technologies offer more potential than conventional gas-powered and oil-powered options. As these technologies become more prevalent, it’s important to know the specific benefits they can generate for your industry and organization.  At Stangenes Industries, we specialize in creating and developing cutting-edge transformer designs, solid-state modulators, and charging power supplies that can make those benefits […]

What is Pulsed Power?

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Pulsed power is an enabling technology that offers an innovative solution to a wide range of cutting-edge applications. From automotive manufacturing and food processing to military equipment, medical treatments, and more, these short but powerful electrical pulses continue to find new uses across various industries. At Stangenes Industries, Inc., we are a leading supplier of […]

A Brief Introduction to Radar Modulators

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At Stangenes Industries, we specialize in the design and manufacture of high-voltage systems and electromagnetic components. By combining highly knowledgeable and skilled employees with state-of-the-art technologies, we deliver solutions for a wide range of industries and applications. One of the key markets we serve is the military industry. We supply various components and systems used […]

A Brief Introduction to Electromagnets

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At Stangenes Industries, we are a premier supplier of electromagnetic products for customers across the globe. From our transformers to our pulse modulators to our power supplies, all of our products are well-known for their performance, reliability, and quality. Our commitment to product and service quality is supported by our strict quality control system, which […]

Pulse Modulation for Radiation Therapy

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Stangenes Industries is a premier manufacturer of transformers and other electromagnetic components fundamental to the function of life-saving medical systems. For decades, Stangenes Industries has supplied the medical sector with electromagnets, pulse modulator systems, and pulse transformers for use in medical radiation therapy and imaging equipment. What is a Pulse Modulator? A pulse modulator generates […]

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