Custom Transformer

What Are Transformers?

Transformers are devices that are used in electrical power distribution systems. They work by using electromagnetic induction to transfer electric energy between one or more alternating current circuits. This action allows the voltage to be either increased or decreased while keeping the power constant.

Transformers are used in many diverse applications, from doorbells to electric generators. They can reduce the voltage of a conventional power circuit or raise the voltage to allow electric power to be transmitted across long distances.

Types of Transformers

Stangenes Industries offers a diverse range of transformers to meet the needs of virtually any design specifications. Our product line includes custom general transformers, pulse transformers, current transformers, and isolation transformers.

Industries We Serve

Many industries require reliable transformers and custom-developed high-voltage solutions. At Stangenes, our experienced team has been trusted to meet the needs of diverse applications for over 50 years. While we can develop a custom solution for virtually any application, the most common industries we work with include medical, military, research, and industrial manufacturing.

Choose Stangenes Industries, Inc. for Transformers

Stangenes Industries offers transformer solutions that combine the best technological innovation with hand-built precision and care.

Our dedicated team of highly skilled craftspeople has been serving a diverse customer base for over 50 years. Our past clients include businesses that range from Fortune 500 firms to start-up companies, and everything in between.

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and complete all custom projects with a fast turnaround time. To begin developing your innovative transformer design, request a quote today. You can also contact our team with any questions about our products or custom services.