About Stangenes Industries, Inc.

Stangenes Industries is an industry-leading manufacturer of high-voltage systems and electromagnetic components. Our expert team has the knowledge and expertise to provide the best possible systems or products for our customers’ demanding applications. We supply a complete product line of specialized transformers, pulse modulators, and electromagnetics, well-known for their reliability, performance, and quality.

Stangenes Industries has the capabilities and experience to complete even the most ambitious projects on time and within budget, offering the best in electromagnetic components and high-voltage systems.

As a worldwide leader in designing and producing custom magnetics, pulse transformers, and other power supply products, Stangenes Industries serves various critical industries, such as nuclear, medical, power, and other related sectors.


What Makes Stangenes The Right Choice?

For 50+ years, Stangenes Industries has provided customers with solutions that meet their exact needs. Our team of highly skilled designers, engineers, and craftspeople have what it takes to face even the most challenging demands of an application.

Quality, Reliability, & Performance

Quality is an expression of expertise and experience built over time. Our equipment has lasted for decades. Many of our customers rely on our equipment, often repurposing select pieces created as far back as the 1980s.

At Stangenes Industries, we strive to satisfy all applicable requirements, ensuring that all regulatory and statutory requirements are understood and consistently met. Our Quality Management System (QMS) operates in accordance with the following certification standards:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • MIL-T-27
  • MIL-I-45208

We continually improve our QMS, addressing any opportunities or risks that may affect our ability to enhance customer satisfaction and the conformity of products. Stangenes also provides regular non-destructive testing and pulse testing. Our management teams follow a process-oriented approach and adopt risk-based thinking to maintain our QMS standards.

Stangenes Cares

Stangenes takes pride in creating the best electromagnetic equipment available, embracing innovation and technology to create expertly engineered products. We are passionate about investing in our employees to develop industry-leading technological advancements.

Fast Turnaround

We always provide our customers with clear expectations regarding when to expect project completion, which can span from 30 days to one year, depending on company resources and project difficulty level. Typically, projects are delivered within 30 days but can take longer for more complex applications.

Our engineers and designers analyze every quote without involving a sales team, giving us greater control of client communications to better offer innovative solutions that meet user needs.

Experienced Staff

At Stangenes Industries, each of our experts has an average of 15+ years of industry experience, with the knowledge needed to provide the best possible system or product for your application.

Competitive Pricing

As an OEM supplier to major industrial equipment and medical device manufacturers, we have earned a reputation for delivering quality, reliability, and globally competitive pricing.

Trusted By Research Facilities

Stangenes Industries has provided pulsed power solutions for various universities, labs, and research facilities. Our products are the key to many successful tests in circular and linear accelerators, serving SLAC, CERN, and more than 50 other research organizations.


History of Stangenes

Stangenes Industries started with a vision in the 1970s that has evolved into a globally recognized manufacturing company with a mission of providing quality high-voltage systems and electromagnetic components for a variety of industries and applications.

1974: Growing a Vision

Starting in 1974 with Magne and Kari Stangenes, one employee, and an order for 5 charging inductors, Stangenes Industries has grown to over 125 full-time employees.

1997: Acquiring Elma Engineering

In 1997, Stangenes Industries acquired Elma Engineering, further expanding its manufacturing capabilities.

2003: Establishing MK Magnetics

In 2003, responding to a need for a reliable source of electromagnetic cores, Stangenes Industries established its first wholly owned subsidiary, MK Magnetics. Located in Adelanto, California, MK Magnetics is staffed with experienced personnel and is enjoying expanding sales growth throughout the industry and the world.

2022: Passing the Torch

Our founder, Magne, passed away in 2022, transferring responsibility to Lill Runge. Despite our founder’s passing, his knowledge and legacy continue on through a new generation. Lill has overseen company operations for many years, providing a strong sense of continuity.

Looking to the Future

The future of Stangenes Industries is in the creation of new and innovative transformer designs and the development of solid-state modulators and charging power supplies, while continuing the design and production of the core products that have served our customers well.


Old World Craftsmanship and State-of-the-Art Technology

Stangenes Industries has combined the best of the new technologies with the hand-built precision of a dedicated team of craftspeople. New technologies include adopting newer, modern materials to manufacture our products. From a technology standpoint, it is a matter of upgrading or replacing equipment with the latest iteration to ensure peak performance and efficiency.


Our Experience

Our customer base is wide-ranging. We sell directly to Fortune 500 firms, start-up companies, and everyone in between. We also work closely with many U.S. Department of Energy laboratories as well as research universities and laboratories around the world, such as CERN and DESY in Europe and KEK in Japan.

Some of the most prominent government and institutional facilities for particle accelerators rely on our consistently innovative solutions.


Company Culture & Employment

When you work with Stangenes Industries, you’ll have access to a high-caliber staff that will work alongside you to develop the electromagnetic equipment you need. We hire only the best employees because of their knowledge and skill.  

At Stangenes Industries, we remain focused on developing a cross-trained, skilled, and efficient workforce. Our employees are responsible for keeping a safe work environment, with each person empowered to create:

  • Stellar individual performance
  • Successful teamwork
  • Outstanding customer service
  • A culture of mutual respect

When possible, Stangenes supports opportunities for employee professional development and advancement. Apply online today.


Work With Stangenes Industries, Inc.

Going forward, Stangenes Industries will continue to develop new, innovative solutions for transformers while creating charging power supplies and solid-state modulators for various industries and applications. Request a quote today to get started with your project.