Our Medical Industry Applications

Medical Transformers, Magnets, and Power Systems for Healthcare

Medical transformers, magnets, and power systems are critical for medical devices ranging from oxygen pumps to lab equipment. The crucial nature of medical applications makes it especially important for equipment to be reliable, durable, and shielded from interference. To ensure that transformers, power systems, and magnets for the medical industry can perform under the demanding conditions found in healthcare, the industry is subject to stringent safety and operational requirements, including:

  • Maximum Current Leakage
  • IEC 60601 Safety and Performance Standards
  • Minimum Air Clearance
  • Minimum Creep Distance
  • Maximum Temperature Increase

At Stangenes, we have decades of experience providing superior medical grade transformers, power systems, and magnets for our medical customers. All of our medical-grade products are subject to rigorous quality control processes and compliant with the most stringent industry certifications. 

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Medical Industry

High voltage Medical Transformers and Power Systems

We specialize in the design and manufacturing of high voltage power systems for radiotherapy and imaging:

  • X-ray, CAT, and MRI machines. MRI machines operate using strong magnets that create a magnetic field to produce images used in diagnostics and treatments. Magnets are also used to create a magnetic field that shields the MRI from intrusive electromagnetic or radiofrequency (RF) signals that might disrupt equipment operation and compromise results.
  • Radiation therapy machines. These devices help fight cancer by sending high-energy radiation to targeted locations in a patient’s body, killing cancerous cells while avoiding damage to the healthy tissue around it. 

While these specialized medical devices demand consistent and reliable high voltage power systems to operate safely, they need to be designed for a medical environment that is filled with critical lower voltage systems.

Medical transformers and power systems can be affected by electromagnetic radiation from surrounding equipment, including other medical equipment, communication equipment, and cell phones. Electromagnetic interference poses a risk to the function of critical equipment such as life support and surgical tools. To prevent dangerous and life-threatening equipment failures and malfunctions, medical facilities use isolation power transformers designed specifically to reduce or eliminate electromagnetic interference.

Lower Voltage Medical Transformers & Power Systems

Medical-grade transformers and power systems are engineered to protect medical equipment from current overloads caused by power surges or equipment malfunctions. Built-in protection prevents stray electrical current from shocking patients, operators, and sensitive equipment. Equipment that uses medical transformers and power systems includes:

  • Medicine drips. Medical transformers and power systems are incorporated into medicine dispensing systems to ensure safe and uninterrupted dosing for the patient. 
  • Hospital beds. Hospital beds use transformers and power systems to ensure patient comfort, safety, and mobility. 
  • Oxygen pumps and life support. Oxygen pumps and other life support systems depend on transformers and power systems to provide constant, steady service.
  • Patient monitoring equipment. In hospital settings, many patients require constant monitoring. Medical-grade transformers and power systems help to ensure that each patient’s condition is constantly under supervision. 
  • Medical lab equipment. Sensitive medical laboratory equipment can be extremely sensitive to magnetic and electrical fluctuations. Medical power systems and transformers facilitate reliable lab equipment operation.

Magnets for the Medical Industry

Magnets are incorporated into a wide range of medical applications. Some of the most common uses include: 


Recent rapid diagnostics research has enabled healthcare providers to use magnets to test for malaria without the need for intensive blood testing. Researchers hope to apply this knowledge to other diseases in the future.

Laboratory and Surgical Equipment

Magnets are incorporated into lab and surgery equipment, such as magnetized screwdrivers, and can be used to control valve and shunt implants.

Drug Delivery Systems

Scientists are studying ways to perform targeted drug delivery using magnets to direct medication to specific areas of the body. Using magnetically controlled carriers, the drug is guided through the patient’s system and released in the desired area. 

Blood Separators

Magnets are used to separate red blood cells from platelets and white blood cells to produce plasma for medical procedures and treatments. 

Extracting Foreign Objects

Vitreoretinal surgeons use internal and external magnets to remove foreign objects from the eyes of patients. Surgeons also use magnets to remove objects from patient digestive systems, nasal passages, and other areas of the body. 

Top-of-the-Line Medical Transformers, Magnets, and Power Systems Designed for Healthcare

Medical transformers, power systems, and magnets are increasingly used in a range of high-performance and critical applications, from MRI diagnostics equipment to hospital beds and life support. With more than 50 years of experience with the medical industry, Stangenes Industries Incorporated is uniquely suited to provide our customers in the medical field with electronic and magnetic solutions that meet a variety of highly specialized needs. Our extensive capabilities include custom design and turnkey manufacturing for quality custom solutions that meet and exceed even the most stringent industry standards and design specifications. 

To learn more about our medical-grade transformers, magnets, and power systems for healthcare applications, please contact us today.