High Voltage Power Supply

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High Voltage Power Supply

Stangenes Industries produces standard and custom SCR-controlled DC power supplies that can be manufactured either as complete turnkey systems or as components of a larger system. For high voltage applications, our state-of-the-art technology is designed to meet demanding needs, including military and defense-related applications. 

As a trusted high voltage power supply manufacturer with over 50 years of experience, our products combine the newest technologies with quality craftsmanship and hand-built precision.

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Types of High Voltage Power Supplies

Stangenes Technologies meets a diverse variety of high voltage power supply needs, with solutions that include:

  • Modular high voltage power supply
  • Rack-mounted high voltage power supply
  • Capacitor charging power supply
  • High-frequency power supply
  • SCR-controlled power supply

Modular power supplies are designed to fit into custom spaces, while rack mounted power supplies are designed to fit on a standard 19” rack for convenience. Power supplies are the first step in high-power systems, and as such need to be streamlined in controls and form. For this reason, most control and fault systems for high-voltage power supplies are simplified and built to integrate into overall system controls.

Advantages of Stangenes High Voltage Power Supplies

High voltage power supplies from Stangenes are used throughout nearly any application where voltage must be increased or converted. Our products deliver benefits that include:

  • More efficient transmission of extremely high voltages across large distances
  • Move a large amount of electric power while using a small value of current density and transmitting high power voltage
  • Our cost-effective, sturdy high-voltage solutions eliminate the need for costly thick cables
  • Reduced cost of transferring energy
  • Increased energy efficiency due to localized AC line voltage conversion to DC charging levels

What to Consider When Selecting High Voltage Power Supplies

Selecting the most suitable high voltage power supply requires consideration of several factors, including input voltage, output specifications, and other considerations.

Power Supply Style

All high voltage power supplies from Stangenes are rack mounted. Whether you’re looking for one of our standardized configurations or require a custom product, remember to ensure your rack features a width and depth that can contain your equipment and its wiring. Don’t forget to take into account the connector depth and minimum bending radius of your wires. 

Input Voltage

High voltage power supplies feature an input voltage of either DC input, AC single phase, or AC three phase. To select the right one, it’s essential to know what type of input voltage goes into the power supply.  

Output Specifications

Output specifications include:

  • The number of outputs: Single or multiple
  • Output polarity: Negative voltage, positive voltage, or reversible polarity
  • Maximum values of power, current, and voltage

Efficiency is also a major design factor, as understanding the required power loss across an entire system helps to lower costs. In pulse power applications, it’s important to consider pulse-to-pulse efficiency to ensure optimal stability.

User Interface

High voltage power supplies can have analog front panels, digital front panels, or computer interfaces. Depending on the power supply, it may have software that enables performance monitoring and control. This actual display may feature digital readouts, an analog reader, or video display terminals.

High Voltage Power Supply Applications for the Military & Defense Industries

Since military and defense power applications vary greatly depending on the location, input demands and safety concerns are our highest priority. 

Stangenes offers high voltage power supplies that utilize lightweight potting compounds for maximum reliability. We design units for a diverse range of environments, including mobile air defense units and ground-based systems. In mobile systems, our units withstand the highest level of shock and vibration conditions. 

The types of power supply products we offer include:

  • High voltage power supplies: Our high voltage power supplies can be either potted, hermetically sealed, or oil-gas dielectric supply modules. They can deliver 1 kV to 35 kV through single or multiple outputs.
  • Rack-mounted/VME power supplies: Available with standard or customized modules, our rack-mounted/VME power supplies are designed to produce a very small amount of total harmonic distortion. They are available with sine or square wave inverters and multiple DC outputs.
  • Shipboard power supplies: These specially-designed military power supplies are compliant with MIL-STD-1399 section 300A for use on submarines and Navy ships.
  • Ion pump power supplies: Our ion pump power suppliers can be either oil-gas, potted, or hermetically-sealed and are built to withstand tough military environments.

In addition to these products, we also offer custom-engineered solutions. Contact our team at any time to discuss your requirements. 

Choose Stangenes for High Voltage Power Supply

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Stangenes Industries develops state-of-the-art solutions for demanding high voltage applications. Whether you’re looking for a component for a larger system or a completely custom product, our team can create a solution for you. To get started on your high voltage power supply solution, request a quote today.