Our Manufacturing Industry Applications

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Manufacturing Industry Applications

In support of sustainable power and its contribution to improved efficiency in the manufacturing industry, Stangenes Industries innovates and produces specialty power storage and delivery components for the manufacturing industry. Our versatile custom and standard power systems leverage technological advances, including pulsed power to support green energy in industrial applications. 

Manufacturing Industry Power Systems by Stangenes

Our power solutions take advantage of electromagnetics, SCR, and pulsed power technologies. Pulsed power involves collecting low-power energy and storing it for controlled release in short, compressed, but substantially more powerful bursts, or pulses. Our innovative power products can solve many problems for the manufacturing industry, including our highly customized components and turnkey systems for specific needs.


From generators, relays, and heavy lifting to data storage devices, buzzers, and spectrometry applications, electromagnets meet a broad range of manufacturing industry needs, including those for continuous duty. Our durable AC, DC, and pulsed electromagnets are modeled in 3D FEA simulations to optimize design before fabrication begins. They are designed, manufactured, and fully tested to ensure the quality and performance our customers require. 

We can produce them with options to meet a range of specifications, including:

  • Water-cooling or air-cooling, depending on your installation
  • Wire wound (cost-effective for smaller quantities) or foil wound (cost-effective for larger quantities, and machinable for versatile mounting and service)
  • Copper or aluminum windings to accommodate a range of weight-to-power output ratios

As an industrial transformer manufacturer, our electromagnet capabilities are as versatile as high-precision DC focusing and steering magnets for accelerator applications, and pulsed coils operating at 300kA which generate fields as high as 40T. 

Solid State Modulators

We produce our high-voltage pulse modulators in stock and custom configurations for applications including electron guns and in support of many specialty systems. They can satisfy such specifications as:

  • Pulsing from several kV to over 200kV
  • Pulse widths from 200ns to 5ms
  • Repetition rates up to several kHz
  • Average power ratings up to 150kW

Our innovative modulator systems are designed with redundancy in mind, minimizing disruption to manufacturing operations in the event of a failure. On-site modulator repairs may be delayed until an appropriate maintenance window arrives, further decreasing downtime.

Power Supplies

Our SCR-controlled DC power supplies can be stock or custom components to meet your specific requirements. We can fabricate them as standalone parts or we can incorporate them into a full turnkey system, depending on your needs. 

Our Manufacturing Industry Applications

Manufacturing pulsed power allows high-voltage power to be supplied from far lower voltage sources, making it suitable for many manufacturing operations that require substantial, highly focused power. Because this system can effectively store energy and release it on demand at a much higher intensity, overall power consumption can be reduced. 

Manufacturing applications of our power system products include:

  • Modulators used in decontamination, purification, and sterilization processes for food and medical device production 
  • Electromagnets are used to direct, focus, and contain plasma for semiconductor production, additive manufacturing, plasma torches
  • Power supplies for laser metal cutting and abrasion operations
  • Radar-based detection systems
  • Mass spectrometry applications
  • Pulse Modulation for Radiation Therapy

Meeting the Challenges of the Manufacturing Industry

Our products are designed to improve manufacturing processes by addressing concerns with:

  • Safety: The nature of pulsed power and the ability to quickly halt the current when a fault is detected reduces the risk of electric shocks and improves safety overall.
  • Shock and Vibration: Our solutions stand up to the rigors of mobile applications which are particularly vulnerable to shock and vibration hazards.
  • Integration and Compatibility: Between extensive stock and customized designs, we offer versatile solutions for a wide variety of manufacturing systems and processes.
  • Sustainability: Because pulsed power can improve power delivery from renewable sources, it can reduce reliance on fossil fuel-based energy sources. This can help manufacturers meet efficiency goals and support more environmentally friendly practices.

Our custom production capabilities offer additional solutions for specific installation concerns.

Why Work with Stangenes

At Stangenes, our American-made power systems and components are designed and built better, with:

  • Better engineering
  • Better construction
  • Better performance

Our rigorous quality requirements satisfy many standards, including MIL-SPEC, and we are independently certified to be compliant with ISO 9001:2015. Between our extensive stock inventory and designs and our robust custom capabilities, we can address countless power control and delivery concerns for the manufacturing industry.

Contact us today to learn more about our pulsed power solutions for manufacturers, or request a quote for your specific project needs.